Why I Blog

July 29, 2012

Some of the best experiences of my life happened while I was journaling. I guess I’ve “blogged” to myself for many years.

I typically begin with a question, a feeling or a thought, and I write until it feels complete. That’s it. Now I’m going public.

The aim has always been to move spiritual energy, although at times that was quite unconscious. I have mused about my confusions, my victories and defeats; I’ve ranted and exalted. I’ve questioned the meaning of my experiences, the meaning of life (of course). And always, always, I am looking for movement – spiritual progress – growth.

I became interested in metaphysics in the late 80’s, with my discovery of a book called ‘A Course in Miracles’. In more recent years I studied some of the mystics, and I currently have the unutterable privilege of learning at the feet of a few living ones (gratitude, gratitude, gratitude!).

So, my musings may have the flavor of Christianity (in which I was raised) or of metaphysics, or of mysticism. In any case, they are always, ALWAYS about moving MY spiritual energy, in ME. They are part of a lifelong quest to align my energies with that of THE ONE.

My life, my home, my husband, my dog, my family, my friends and the various spiritual communities in which I participate – these provide the energetic medium in which I operate. They provide challenges and rewards. They inspire questions; and often, so often, Spirit supplies answers, through them.

So . . . Let us muse together.

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