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Resistance is Futile – God is All There Is

April 23, 2013

To release (or transcend) resistance, is to love as God loves. It is to allow the forces of Life to move, constantly tickling against us, as in the act of making love. Love-making, as we know, is most glorious when resistance has been transmuted to pure desire for the other. ALL of Life can be this orgasmic motion of overtaking and surrendering – in constant flux.

My mission is to create this in myself, and to shows others how to do it – one resistance at a time.

Resistance isn’t “bad.” It is the hour-glass point of new creation, new experience. In surfing, the biggest wave offers the most resistance AND the most glorious experience. Waves are constant.

Questions I can ask myself:
– Which wave (resistance) will I choose today?
– What can I do to…
1) find & transmute my resistances
2) teach & serve others in our common mission
– Of my current priorities, which best serves my mission?
– What do I want?
– What do I want to avoid?*
– What is my resistance to moving forward?*
– What problem do I want to resolve?
– How does it intersect with resistance?

*I must remember always to choose FOR, never against. And my choice is always between what is offered, and what can be imagined in my wildest dreams.