November 9, 2015

I’m journaling this morning to gain focus and clarity. I do realize that the energies pervading my body are, at least in part, not my own . . . that is, they don’t all originate with me. There is a lot happening around me, and I am picking up the static of others’ frustrations and worries.

So I’m asking for help, to focus these scattered energies into productive endeavor this morning. I’m asking God for this help.


The word “God,” like any word, is a symbol. I choose this symbol consciously to represent the Legion which is the One. The Legion includes but is not limited to beloved Jesus; the Ascended Masters (whose attention I have or can invoke), my own guides and teachers on the path, and the blessed angels who support and aid me. I love you, and I am grateful for your love and attention.

Sometimes I feel that I don’t deserve all of this. But I realize that the masters treat me as I aspire to treat everyone I encounter: to Know for them (as it is Known of me) that each choice we make has the potential for powerful enlightened action – action that ascends not only ourselves but all of humanity. How precious then is each choice– each opportunity to choose.

I am scattered. Gather me up, God, I pray. May I be conscious and present. May I choose wisely and with compassion. May I be filled with love and purpose. And in each moment, may I know the holiness of the moment and the sacredness of the choice. Amen.

Now I lay me down to sleep . . . without having accomplished a single tangible thing today. I trust that I was guided; I asked for help, and so I know that I received it. It was a day chock full of surprises and interruptions, which I handled with ease and grace, and to which I pretty much surrendered as the day progressed. I went with the flow. I had faith that God was working through me. Maybe I didn’t receive the gift of knowing exactly HOW God worked, or what God did . . . . but I rest knowing that we partnered.

Tonight I once again place myself and my work in the hands of God, as I understand God. I ask for guidance and presence, and to be filled with a sense of holy purpose. That’s all anyone could ever want.

It’s you and me, God!

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