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I Choose God

February 19, 2016

I’ve lost my billfold! It seems to have disappeared right out of my purse. I was about to go shopping, and it had a few hundred bucks in it, plus my credit and debit cards. So my day isn’t at all going as planned. I almost don’t know where to start recovering from this . . . did I simply misplace it? Is it stolen? Should I report my cards? At any rate my shopping plans are wrecked.

If one believes (and I do!) that everything is in divine order, what does that mean about my missing wallet and high jacked trip to the mall?

Sometimes it seems too much, to think that every single little (and big!) thing that happens to us is divinely orchestrated. For instance, I was listening on BBC World a minute ago as refugees told their at-times-horrific stories.

God didn’t “make” that happen.

However, I do believe that the lessons I’m meant to learn in this lifetime are attracted to me as every one of the situations in which I find myself, even the loss of my silly billfold. God is not punishing me, nor is God punishing the vastly more pitiable refugees. However, divinity is infused throughout all situations – petty and horrific. I know this because I know that there is nowhere that God is not.

So, what can I take from this that will serve me always?

Hmm . . What if I told myself that something wonderful will accompany this mundane happenstance of losing my wallet — something I wouldn’t have missed for anything in the world, . What if I looked for that “something” with all of my might?

For some reason, I just remembered today’s daily lesson from A Course in Miracles; it was: “God’s voice speaks to me all through the day.”

God’s voice.

God speaks not necessarily in words . . . if I listen now . . . close my eyes and listen . . . hmmm . . . . first off . . . I begin smiling . . . because something inside me knows that all of this wallet stuff is an illusion. What lasts and is real can never be lost or missing.

Whatever my situation, God is everywhere present. I will still need to report my credit cards; I am still minus some cash. I can be in this situation, however, while reveling in the consciousness of God’s presence; or, I can be in this situation while focusing upon my loss.

I choose God.