Monthly Archives: March 2016

Accept the Things I Cannot Change

March 29, 2016

I’m a receptive, open person by nature; my antennae are always out, taking in the energies that others emit. No “alpha” personality, mine. I prefer to accommodate and cooperate, although it might surprise some people to know that. So it makes sense that I attract people who are the opposite – people with leadership tendencies. Often I’m more than happy to come along; sometimes I most definitely am not. For the latter contingency, I hold a shield close to my heart that can snap into place in a moment’s notice when my space is invaded. I suppose this shield I employ could be mistaken for a strong personality.

It is precisely because of my responsive personality that I need a lot of alone time – time when my receptivity is turned inward, and I may rest from the onslaught of others’ energy.

Last night I dreamed that my husband intruded on my privacy and would not leave. I first asked and eventually started screaming for him to get OUT! (something I wouldn’t tend to do in real life). He refused to go. He said something (in the dream) that I now realize is very on point. He said, you may as well accept my being here and then it will be your choice. In the dream I pointed out that that would be the very opposite of my choice.

But my dream husband was onto something. Raging powerlessly against the inevitable is so damaging to the physical body.

I’ve often wondered about the people in prison camps during World War II. I suspect that the ones who lived through it were people who learned on some level to be with the physical constraints and deprivation without rage. If they could do this, surely I, who have a beautiful life, could too.

When I am not in control of things I can either complain, make a change, or accept it. The first choice has been my go-to, but actually, that is the only one with no possible positive outcome. If I truly cannot change things, I may as well – as my dream husband suggests – make peace with what is.

For the future, however, I can take preventive steps.

Sometimes I am too lazy to get up and take the simple precautionary step of locking the stupid door!