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Musings on The Golden Rule

April 12, 2016

Transformation occurs at the level of consciousness.

Yes, True Consciousness already recognizes the interconnectedness – nay the very unity – of all humanity. The awakening of that recognition ushers in true transformation. It is only through that awakening, in fact, that we are able to love one another as we love ourselves.

This kind of love awakens most often with our children. Something in us recognizes their dependence and therefore their connection with us. We have an innate, even a dear sense of our responsibility to them. We want for them what we call a “better life,” and we are willing to see their fates as linked to our own.

The truth is that the fate of everyone’s children is linked to ours.

What if we are God-seeds, having to push through the dirt of form in order to bloom? What if, in order to manifest in the world of form, we must inhabit physical bodies. The physical bodies make us mistakenly believe we are separate, when in fact the God-stuff in us is the same in everyone and everything.

We are the Minds who bring that Knowledge into the third dimension, because it is only in this physical dimension that we can appreciate sensation, a new and burgeoning gift of God.