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Weary of Being Shocked?

July 21, 2016


People on both sides of the political aisle are continually shocked that the other side doesn’t see how foolishly they are acting.


They are worth so much less than we think they are. Although we may feel the power of righteousness behind our opinions, it turns out that most (if not all) of our dire predictions fail to mateiralize. And . . . so what if some of them do? Maybe those are just the events that will occasion our returning to God – or returning to rationality – or returning to the old values – or adopting better values – or whatever your personal wish list entails.

The key to peace is an attitude of detached awareness . . . merely observing . . . merely watching . . .  as all of this passes by . . . with love in our hearts, and even perhaps while passionately performing right action, according to our personal beliefs and values . . . we merely observe.

Think now of the energetic difference between love and hate.

It is the energy of hate that snags us, NOT the values behind the hate.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. As reaction begets reaction, we can get snarled in the wheel of cause and effect – of reaping and sowing – of karma, as it’s called in the East. (Labels aren’t important; the principles behind the dynamic are universal and clear.) Nothing comes from anger and hatred except more of the same. But . . .

“Love your enemies,” Christ said. “Do good to those who despitefully use you.”

It wasn’t (I believe) merely that Christ wanted us to “be good.” He deeply understood the energetic principles at work. Returning good for evil is simply a way – the only way, in fact – to stop the wheel of cause and effect.

So this week, as the Republican National Convention rages on, we can watch the inflammatory speeches with equanimity. We can note their occurrence . . . just we might observe a storm cloud approaching . . . and passing . . . we can take shelter if we need to . . . but clouds don’t earn our hatred. We are not snarled by hatred . . . of either Hillary or Donald.