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What will you do with your Prana?

August 26, 2016

Prana, (or ch’i, or qi, as it is also known) is defined as life energy. It is the energetic principal of creation itself. Paramahansa Yogananda saw Prana as flowing particles, sort of like electrons; he called them “lifetrons” and described them as the condensed thoughts of God.

I like that.

Yogananda says that Prana has intelligence but doesn’t have consciousness. God, who directs Prana with His Will, supplied the initial consciousness and intention.

Again, the analogy of electricity comes to mind. Electrons have always existed in the manifest universe, and they have always flowed through and all around us. However, it was when we used conscious will to direct electrons into an intentional flow that we were supplied with electricity, and, (thank the good heavens this summer!) air-conditioning. Electricity became useful with the application of intention and will.

Like electrons, Prana is all around and, it infuses our bodies. [Close your eyes and tune in now; sense the life energy in your body.] With focus and love, we learn to direct Prana consciously. Breath deeply; breath with every cell in your body . . . in and out . . . in and out . . . notice the prana . . . and direct it where you need it to go for healing.

We, who are made in God’s image, have the power to direct Prana with our will and intention. And we do! Most of the time, though, we impel it unconsciously in a hundred different directions at once; our will and our focus are scattered. So, we rarely see clear results.

We are moving into a time when people are learning to be true Children of God – true creators. More people are meditating; more people are learning to focus their attention into the present moment (even if only for seconds at a time). One of the ways we become activated Children of God is by focusing – with love – our conscious intention for Prana.

What a privilege to be a child of the Creator.