Vibrationally Nutritious!

March 2, 2017

Have you ever wondered why owning a dog lengthens a person’s life?

Probably not, because it’s kind of obvious. Unconditional love, and having someone to care about, lowers stress and produces hormones that are healthy to the body.

And doesn’t it make sense that the opposite would also be true?


These days, it’s especially important to stay vibrationally fortified.

It seems everyone is divided along “moral” lines (families, countries, the world!), each side vociferously claiming the high ground. We can’t wait to describe in detail precisely what is wrong with everyone else.

If swimming in the soup of unconditional love (i.e. with dogs) is healthy, then it stands to reason that being on the constant look-out for criticism would be the opposite. It seems no one can post a comment, or make a tweet, without SOMEONE telling them how stupid, ugly or evil they are.

So . . . what to do?

We can limit our social media, but ultimately we must live in the world.

  1. Keep a gratitude journal (Actively searching for something to be grateful for means . . . you’ll find it!)
  2. Meditate (To raise your vibration, try this guided meditation: )
  3. Resist Twitter wars & YouTube rants! (The tantalizing titles never deliver anyway. Don’t engage; don’t read the comments!)
  4. Laugh! (Choose friends and media sources that make you smile)
  5. Find something good/funny* to share (On Facebook, Twitter, IN PERSON!!) 

(* Remember, avoid the snark)

Everything is a vibration!

To age gracefully, imbibe something vibrationally nutritious!

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